Natural Materials

What we’re looking at here is the old “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral” group.  From that simple beginning, things get a bit all over the place.

Think about the “Animal” category: you’ve got hides (cow, buffalo, sheep, etc.), skins (snake, crocodile, stingray, fish), wools (goats, rabbits, sheep, antelopes – interestingly, angora rabbits are behind “angora wool”, while angora goats provide “mohair”), hairs (horse, boar), silks, horn (not same as antlers – which are usually called “horn” for buttons), bone, shell, feathers, and other miscellaneous organs.  Whew.

The information out there is similarly copious, diverse, and this only represents a fraction of it.  I’m organizing it roughly according to the families stated above, and to avoid a long scroll, I’ll put links on separate pages.