As there are probably more polymers in the market than all other materials combined, there is a lot more information on the topic.

The Macrogalleria: Don’t judge a book by its cover.  If you don’t know anything about polymers, you are – effectively – in Kindergarten, right?  Put together (a LONG time ago) by the University of Southern Mississippi Department of Polymer Science, this site walks you through polymer basics as if you were a child.  Personally, I still find this very appealing.  Don’t be embarrassed to visit the Kid’s Macrogalleria either . . .

How Plastics Work: A good overview of the industry.

American Chemistry Council: One of (very) many “Business Leagues” that promote sectors and industries.  I’m not saying that this general information is bad, just don’t expect them to tell you the whole story.  If something seems too good to be true – it probably is.

Universal Selector: Put together by Special Chem, a membership-based industry group (which is a step above a Business League in terms of objectivity), this tool gives you a number of different ways to start to figure out what kind of polymer you are looking for.

Curbell Plastics: A remarkably informative plastics site, which aids in selection as well as offering materials for purchase.

ICIS: Dubiously named (it’s an acronym for Independent Chemical Information Services), and presenting more information about chemicals and their associated markets than should be allowed.

Plastics Today: From the people who bring you Powder and Bulk Solids comes this rather dry look at the world of plastic technology.

Bioplastics Magazine: A magazine about bioplastics.

Green Chemicals Blog: Analysis and commentary on the emerging world of bioplastics.

The Way We Design Now: An interesting (though somewhat dated) opinion piece from the New York Times on the role of plastics in Design.

Plastics in the 20th Century – So far: One man’s odd fascination with plastic products rendered in photographs.

Companies Producing Plastics:


Covestro (formerly Bayer Material Sciences)



Panelite (honeycomb materials)

3Form (innovative polymer treatments for architecture)

Bencore (honeycomb products)

Foster Biomedical Polymers and Compounds

Putnam Plastics (medical tubing – technologies and materials)

EOS (polymers for 3D printing applications)

Madreperla (Italian producer of acrylic and recycled acrylic)

Mipan (nylon filaments, including Regen – made from post-consumer waste)

Repreve (recycled fibers for clothing)