Something Neo at NeoCon

For a long time, companies have been trying to make carpet tile look like anything but carpet tile (I am all for this idea).  There have been concepts that looked to biomimicry, new shapes, and other ideas; but none of them really fooled anyone into thinking that the floor wasn’t carpet tile.

I think that Milliken finally nailed it.

At the show, they debuted Lapidus, which is a collection unlike any other I had seen.


As I mentioned to the rep, I wasn’t sure if I loved it or hated it, and I compared it to pre-distressed jeans (of which I am not a fan) just for good measure.  Either way, when you see this stuff on the floor, it does NOT look like carpet tile.

In addition to colors, there is a series of transition patterns that create what is the most naturally variated carpet surface that you’ll ever see.


My problem is, it – sort of – looks like old, worn carpet; but it’s not. The rep indicated that a recent client had chosen the finish instead of polished carpet in a space that was already loud, and needed some acoustic help.  This made perfect sense, as the carpet does give a very industrial feel, while providing a high level of polish at the same time.

As I departed the showroom, I mentioned that whether one likes it or not, the system was unlike anything else in the market.

Later, I went down to the Shaw showroom, and they had a totally similar product.  Figures.

(I’m not sure whether it was better to be fully invested in my naiveté, and come across as a huge fan – or sound a bit like I tell every company how great their stuff is . . .)